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29 March

North Pole Challenge

Suitable for teams Teams Minimum sponsorship option Self funder option
Nordic skiing - 15 days
Date: 29 March 2015
Charity Challenge


Nordic skiing - 15 days
Place: Barneo Ice Camp, Norway
Organiser: Charity Challenge
Date: 29 March 2015
Duration/distance: 15 days
Teams: Suitable for teams Suitable for teams
Under 18's:
Difficulty: Level 5
Payment options: Payment options explained
Minimum sponsorship option: £7500 registration fee + min sponsorship
Self funder option: £7500 registration fee + tour cost (no min sponsorship)

Challenge details

Tackle this once in a lifetime challenge to trek to the Geographic North Pole. This involves around 8 hours each day of skiing and sledging, and you'll have to muck in with camp life.

The costs shown are per team of 6-10 participants.

Join in this once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the North Pole. In the year 1909 Robert Peary, Matthew Henson and four Inuits made it to the North Pole. They were acknowledged as the first to do so, but this claim remains controversial, as many believe these men missed the Geographic North Pole by some miles. After numerous failed expeditions by balloon, ship, sled and airship, the North Pole was next seen in 1926, but no one actually stood at the Pole until 1948.

Journeying across the dynamic polar ice demands agility and patience, and of course flexible approach to cope with the numerous obstacles that present themselves over the course of every day and which undoubtedly make arriving at the North Pole evene more satisfying.

You will sledge and ski for approximately 8 hours each day, encountering breathtaking scenery and plenty of challenges along the way. If conditions are good enough, the route will lead you over large areas of flat ice, presenting very few obstacles. However, in less favourable conditions, you must manoeuvre over pressure ridges ranging from 1 to 5 metres in height, and around open water leads.

Throughout your challenge, you will be expected to ‘muck in’. You will have to take part in every aspect of the expedition, including cooking and setting up camp.

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