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Winter challenges for charity: Winter sports are challenging events in challenging conditions, including dog sledding, ski challenges and boarding.
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Winter sports charity challenges

From dog sledding across Lapland to a full-scale polar expedition and various icy trekking challenges, the frozen north is the place to come for high adventure writes Elaine Aronson, timeoutdoors' Challenges Editor.

Want to get out there and raise some serious money for charity? Great! There are numerous worthy causes and even more ways to fundraise on their behalf. Yes, even for those prone to sunburn. Winter sports challenges have never been more popular, so wrap up and get going!

What sounds more inspiring than an epic trek? An epic trek in the cold and snow, that is. Similar distances to a 'regular' trek but with much harder conditions and considerable risks all combine to raise the stakes significantly. 

Nordic skiing is a major form of transport for this type of activity. Alternatively, for the ultimate winter excursion, hop on a sled behind a team of huskies and hold on!

Whatever you choose to do, the right training and preparation is vital to ensure success. The cold makes everything that bit more complicated and a calm, poised mind is almost as important as a strong, healthy body when it comes to taking on Mother Nature at her harshest.

Having the right equipment is also of utmost importance. Much of the equipment required is highly technical and there's plenty of advice available on buying or hiring kit.

Take a look through the challenges below and click through for details of the challenge and charity/charities. You can enter a few basic details in the grey box on the right-hand side of the screen to be instantly emailed further information.
Guide Dogs Coniston Adventure Team Challenge
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Level 1 Easy Level 2 Moderate Level 3 Difficult Level 4 Very difficult Level 5 Extreme
Registration fee Registration fee Minimum sponsorship option Minimum sponsorship option Self funder option Self funder option Payment options explained Payment options explained
03 Feb 2015 6 days Pyrenees Snow Shoe Challenge Level 3
Snowshoeing - Bagneres de Luchon, France Registration fee £195 Minimum sponsorship option Self funder option
This unique adventure leads you into the heart of some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe as you discover the spectacular mountains in Aiguestortes National Park.
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21 Feb 2015 7 days Dog Sledding Challenge Level 2
Dog sledding - Kiruna, Sweden Registration fee £475 Minimum sponsorship option Self funder option
Have you ever wanted to drive your own team of huskies through 200km of beautiful, unspoilt, frozen landscapes? This 7 day challenge in northern Sweden gives you this magical opportunity.
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29 Mar 2015 15 days North Pole Challenge Level 5 Suitable for teams Teams
Nordic skiing - Barneo Ice Camp, Norway Registration fee £7500 Minimum sponsorship option Self funder option
Tackle this once in a lifetime challenge to trek to the Geographic North Pole. This involves around 8 hours each day of skiing and sledging, and you'll have to muck in with camp life.
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