Efficient fundraising for the time-stretched

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Step by step fundraising guide

Your chosen charity will provide you with limitless support and advice throughout your fundraising - so you're not alone, it's a team effort.

Let's say you need to raise £500 in 3 months. We could break it down into stages, which might look something like this...

Set up an online fundraising page with Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving then send the link to your friends, family & colleagues by email and it share it with your contacts on social media. Then get your friends & family to share it too. The average facebook user has 130 friends so this is a great way to raise sponsorship.

Make your pages & emails interesting by adding photos, details of your chosen cause & details of your challenge. Include facts & figures from the charity website and how the sponsorship money will help. Impress everyone with the scale of your challenge (in miles, kilometres feet etc).

Your chosen charity can provide paper sponsor forms too so ask those friends & family members who may not have access to the internet and put posters up in your workplace or local area to spread the word.

Use WordPress to create a personal blog to record your fundraising activities then link it to your social media pages. This will get more sponsors interested when they see the effort you're putting in.

Run a traditional cake stall at a school, church or fete & remember to get photos of the baking etc to post in your blog. Kiddies drinks are always a good seller & you can charge a slightly higher price for them too.

Book a space at your local Car Boot & gather up unwanted items & clothing from friends & family. Don't forget to make a sign saying that all proceeds are going towards your charity.

Have a wine-tasting night. You could make it fancy dress, do a quiz, sell raffle tickets or do Karaoke. You could sell tickets or ask for a donation. Get plenty of photos for your blog!

Time to remind everyone (especially your employer) how close you are to your target - this works a treat.

Go to a busy pedestrian area & use your charity fundraising pack, balloons, collection tins, t-shirt, stickers, leaflets etc to help smash your target.

Now you can start to get really excited about your challenge in the knowledge that you've raising vital funds for a great cause - well done!

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