Ergon SR3 road saddle

Ergon SR3 road saddle

Firm but comfortable in the long run

A lightweight, ergonomically-designed saddle designed for long-distance road runs. Travel Ed Tom Le Bas tests it out on a three day ride from London to Yorkshire.

Our pros and cons...
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Quite hard

Ergon have earned a reputation for producing high-quality bike gear. As you might expect from a German company (the clue's in the name, too), there is great attention to detail and everything is engineered to the highest standards, although the saddles are in fact manufactured by expert craftsmen in Italy at Selle Italia.

There are three road saddle models: the basic SR3 (the subject of this review), the SR3 pro and the SR3 carbon pro.


  • Weight: 230g (small), 250g (medium), 260g (large)
  • Cover: synthetic leather
  • Rails: Tinox (carbon fibre in Pro models)
  • Shell: glass fibre (carbon fibre in Pro carbon models)
  • Price: RRP is £89.99 but you'll find it for around £80 on the internet. Pro models are around
  • Colour: black (Pro models also available in white)
The pro carbon range weighs in at 205g for the large size, and costs around £150-200.

When I first tried this saddle I thought it was a bit too hard for me. After a couple of London commutes, however, I was getting used to it, and then I really put it to the test on a three-day ride up to Yorkshire. It didn't let me down. On day one we covered 125 miles; normally I'd be expecting significant backside-soreness by then, and certainly the next morning. This just didn't happen. OK so 200 miles later I was a little bit sore, but nothing compared to the usual. A revelation for this cyclist!

The SR3 is the entry-level saddle - the Pro models will set you back around £200 instead of the relatively competitive £89 for the basic model. All come with a super-thin shell that keeps the weight down, and are available in three sizes so that all riders and riding positions can be catered for. The basic SR3 has a little more flex than the Pro versions, which makes it less suitable for racing but great for long rides and commuting on bumpy London roads.

Top view

A great deal of research has gone into these saddles, with the boffins researching the ergonomics of weight loads and areas of stress. Ergon claims that this has enabled them to create a shell that is optimized for 'weight deflection'.

The shell's shape includes hollows that allows just the right amount of flex for the rider's sit bones. Every size option gets its own layering for rider-specific compression. The damping areas, set between the shell and the rails, are individually tailored for each saddle's dimensions to create the best possible weight distribution and comfort. A nose-dampener also smooths out minor vibrations from the road.


All in all it's a great product if you're doing serious miles but aren't into racing.

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Our overall rating - 8/10
Quality - 9/10
Value - 7/10
Performance - 8/10
Appearance - 9/10
Size - 8/10
Suitable for activities:
  • Road cycling