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Trip of a lifetime

Thursday 25 September 2014 05.05 PM

Well, that’s not strictly true in my case. I could be tempted. Although my next ‘trip of a lifetime’, so to speak, would be better timed: visiting the temperate parts of Australia in the middle of the southern winter isn’t ideal – the weather was quite cold and it got dark at about 5.15pm

London to Whitby by bike

Monday 21 July 2014 06.42 PM

On the last weekend of June I cycled from London to North Yorkshire with a friend. Nothing to do with le Tour – we thought we’d beat the crowds and (a) go to the wrong part of Yorkshire and (b) do it the week before the tour anyway.

Bikes on trains: a ridiculous situation

Tuesday 8 July 2014 09.16 AM

Last week me and a friend cycled up to Yorkshire – a few days ahead of le Tour. We spent three days covering the 280 miles from London to Whitby, and it was great except for (a) the weather and (b) the difficulty getting home again on the train.

Steve McClure: championing Yorkshire climbing

Thursday 26 June 2014 11.23 AM

Steve McClure is one of the world’s leading rock climbers. Amongst other epic climbs, he has completed the UK’s most difficult sport route, “Overshadow” at Malham Cove, graded 9a+.

Rock climbing in Portugal

Friday 20 June 2014 05.27 PM

As described in previous blogs, I’m not brilliant with heights. So I’m having issues with my current location, halfway up a 50-metre Portuguese cliff. On the plus side, I’m in the capable hands of Francisco and João – my climbing instructors for the day – and the rope seems to be secured pretty well. But it’s taken an age to get this far up, I’ve hit a tricky spot and am starting to lose my nerve.

It's not just about the football

Monday 9 June 2014 03.57 PM

So the World Cup is upon us. Most of the football fans who have spent a fortune getting over there will probably see little outside of the host cities, but a few must be tempted to extend their stay. To make the effort to explore some of this enormous country (10% bigger than Australia), and possibly sample some of its outdoor activities.

An active week in Sintra, Portugal

Monday 19 May 2014 05.27 PM

I had a great time in Portugal last week, getting a comprehensive hands-on introduction to the many activities on offer in the cool green hills of Sintra, just northwest of Lisbon.

Europe's top 10 cities for outdoors activities: part 2

Wednesday 23 April 2014 10.18 PM

Following on from last time, here's the remaining five of my top ten Euro cities for outdoors activities. As with the first five, the list is in no particular order. It's my own opinion, and not the result of exhaustive research!

Europe's top 10 cities for outdoors activities: part 1

Sunday 6 April 2014 06.49 PM

If you could choose to live in any of continental Europe’s major cities, which one would you go for? There are quite a few things for the outdoors enthusiast to consider.

Trekking holidays

Friday 28 March 2014 12.59 PM

There's something life-enhancing about trekking holidays, just you and your pack high up in the mountains, the simplicity of it all. The first time I went trekking - proper trekking - was back in 2002. Before that I'd done a fair amount of walking, but not the real deal involving many days and nights in the back of beyond.

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