Climbing advice

Climbing advice

Whether you're new to climbing and baffled by all the jargon, or are well used to tying into the sharp end and looking to advance, we have advice and guides to help. Our climbing section is written by world-class climbers like Leo Houlding, across all climbing disciplines.


Beginners climbingThe basics
We help you find your best route into the vertical world of the climber - from assessing fitness to explaining the different styles and techniques.
Climbing equipmentClothing and equipment
We explain what to wear for climbing, why to wear it and the essential equipment, including bouldering mats, chalk bags, harnesses, helmets, ropes and more.
Clothing Equipment


Climbing trainingTraining for climbing
Advice on goal-setting, warming up and training methods - plus nutrition and injury prevention.
Training basics Nutrition Injuries


The fastest growing climbing discipline and arguably the purest form - this is the simplest type to get started in and requires minimal equipment.
Basics Techniques
Traditional climbing carabinerTraditional climbing
This has a big following in the UK and also includes ragging, soloing, speed-climbing and big-walling - it's not for the faint-hearted!
Basics Styles Techniques
Sport climbing safety lockSport climbing
Unlike traditional climbing, the use of hardware on the rock removes the danger element and allows you to explore the limits of your performance.
Basics Techniques
Deep water soloingDeep water soloing (DWS)
This relatively new form of climbing requires the presence of water at the base of a climb in case of falls - heights vary from a few feet to much more extreme.

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