Motivation for deep water soloing
What motivates anyone to go deep water soloing? Mike Robertson takes an irreverent look at the extreme sport of DWS.

Motivation for deep water soloing

Question: Is deep water soloing (DWS) the ultimate form of climbing?

Answer: If you enjoy swimming, hate big, cumbersome racks and want to experience a sense of freedom, then YES!

Okay, we all have our own ideas about our preferred fix. But the above is certainly true. DWS provides an adrenaline rush with a reduced risk of broken limbs. It's lightweight, not gear-dependent and, because of the curious ensemble of both rock and water, it offers an activity that's a wacky combination of wet and dry.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it - here's what a few well-known, highly-motivated devotees have to say ...

Ken Palmer - 'The commitment and solitude breathe new life into me each and every time I dance above the deep blue void'
Seb Grieve - 'Boring! You can climb as hard as you like but you just can't hurt yourself. Takes all the fun out of falling'
Klem Loskot - 'It's about as free as you can be'
Genghis Khan - 'Looks awesome. Wish I was still alive'
Tim Emmett - 'The ultimate form of climbing, pure freedom and movement, with some extra space thrown in.'


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