Road cycling in North Carolina

With some of the best riding roads in the States and home to a vibrant cultural scene as well as world-class food and drink, Asheville in North Carolina is an ideal cycling destination.

Road cycling in North Carolina

Nestled in the south-east of the United States along the Appalachian Mountain range, Asheville and the greater Western North Carolina region, is a mecca for cyclists looking for a complete holiday experience.

On and off the bike, Asheville provides what any vacationing cyclist is looking for: smooth roads, varied terrain, world-class food and drink, and cultural experiences both modern and historic.

Whether you’re looking to climb the highest mountains or stay on relaxed terrain, you’ll enjoy the scenery and additional excursions in the saddle and out.

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If you are like most touring cyclists, you’re in perpetual search of the next new and exciting destination. We have a suggestion for you: Asheville and Western North Carolina in the south-east United States. We are biased since we are locals and provide bicycle tours in the area, but we know you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t join one of our tours.

The region has it all: Stunning mountain views, smooth roads, epic trails, tasty craft beers, traditional and cutting-edge cuisine, a vibrant art scene, and much more. From the top of Mt. Mitchell (the highest point east of the Mississippi River) to the flats of the French Broad River valleys, you can have any riding experience you desire. The quiet roads and varied terrain of our trails will satisfy any rider. The region lends itself to great cycling since National Forest and National Parks surround it.

Janez Brajkovic, a professional cyclist from Slovenia who has raced at the top level around the world, came to the area to train at the end of 2014 and said: "For me, Asheville has the best roads I've seen in America so far." Indeed, many American professional road racers call Western North Carolina home.


Flat, quiet roads

Loop ride from Brevard along the French Broad River

This is a flat area with quiet roads that follow the region's main river. Very popular with local cyclists, this area gives you countless options to ride as long or short as you wish.
Beautiful autumn roads

Loop ride from Asheville to Marshall

Ride north towards Marshall along the hills of Leicester, then take the flat road along the French Broad River back to town. This 40-mile ride is a standard for local cyclists.
Mount Mitchell

Top of Mount Mitchell

Climb to the top of Mt. Mitchell! - An out-and-back ride, this 70+mile ride is all about climbing, then descending! Much of the journey is along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and peaks at the summit - 6,684 feet (2,037 m). Enjoy the ride back down!
Biltmore Estate

A short ride in the Biltmore Estate

The Estate allows cyclists to enjoy their bike-specific trails, which connect all of their main sites. From the main house to the winery, then onto the inn and other sites. The riding is easy and helps you enjoy the beauty of the Estate.
Road to Asheville

Any ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway

This protected road stretches across North Carolina and Virginia, but the highlights of the road are in the Asheville area. Ride from Asheville to Brevard, or even up to the top of Mt. Mitchell.


Off the bike, the area has everything a cyclist would want. The food scene is booming and known to be one of the best foodie destinations in the south.

Food and drink

Asheville is known as “Beer City USA”, and for good reason. You’ll find the best craft beer, from local upstart brewers to national craft brewers who have located their east coast breweries to the area. Craft Beer is the perfect post-ride recovery drink, and after your ride, you can immerse yourself in the booming local scene!

Wicked Weed, Burial Brewing, Pisgah Brewing, Green Man are at the top of a list of local craft brewers too long for this guide The scene, plus the excellent mountain water, and the central location on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA has attracted larger craft brewers to set up their east-coast facilities in the area. New Belgium is in downtown Asheville, the Sierra Nevada is in Mills River, and Oskar Blues is in Brevard.

The Sierra Nevada and Wicked Weed have outstanding restaurants. If you’re looking for some good grub after a ride near Brevard, check out Oskar Blues’ Chuburger food truck.

'Beer City USA'
Asheville; also known as 'Beer City USA'

Local attractions

Another great attraction is the Biltmore Estate - a beautiful house and garden built during the height “Gilded Age” and not to be missed. This place makes Downton Abbey look like an outhouse! The magnificent mansion, gardens and estate have been meticulously maintained since it was built over 100 years ago. The house was built by George Vanderbilt - a member of the prominent Vanderbilt family - and is the largest home in the United States.

After George’s death, much of the original estate land was sold very cheaply to the United States Forest Service to create Pisgah National Forest. The Estate has excellent roads for casual riding. You can rent bikes from the Estate, explore as a part of an organised tour, or ride on your own as part of an estate visit.

Other activities

Also, there are opportunities for stand-up paddleboard rides, hiking, canyoneering, and climbing. The region has it all: Stunning mountain views, epic trails, tasty craft beers, traditional and cutting-edge cuisine, a vibrant art scene, and much more. From the top of Mt. Mitchell to the smooth roads of the French Broad River valley, you can have any cycling experience you desire. The terrain is varied and will satisfy any rider.


1. The Good Roads State

North Carolina has some of the best riding roads in the United States. From epic climbs to valley flats, the riding is variable and as challenging as you wish. All cyclists will find their perfect riding route.

2. Asheville

Asheville has become the epicenter of culture, diversity, and art for the southern United States. It has been said that Asheville now “out-San Franciscos San Francisco” because of the character and uniqueness of the city and its residents.

3. The food scene

Already home to the best barbeque in the world, the creative vibe of Asheville has expanded into a luscious food scene. You won’t go hungry after a ride in Western North Carolina. A number of award winning chefs have set up shop in Asheville. Top restaurants include Curate, Rhubarb, and Chai Pani. Others to visit are Zambra, White Duck Taco, and French Broad Chocolate.

4. The Blue Ridge Parkway

The best views are in Western North Carolina including Cumberland Gap, Craggy Gardens, Mt. Mitchell, Grandfather Mountain & the mile high bridge, and Mt. Pisgah. Many "rough it" by bike camping the route, but there are others that make the most of organized bike tours.

5. Fall colours

The fall colours in Western North Carolina are stunning. Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and through Pisgah National Forest at the right time and you’ll see the bright reds, yellows, and oranges. It rivals any "leaf friendly" area for its beauty in the fall.


Best times to go:


The best time to visit the area is between April and October.

April and May are beautiful with the emerging spring green. The summers are not too hot since the area is at an elevation that doesn’t bring high heat or humidity. Fall is absolutely beautiful, with the mountains bathed in reds, yellows, and oranges.

If you plan to come during the October fall colors please plan ahead as hotels can fill up very early. If you prefer to have smaller crowds avoid the fall.

Our preferred time to ride is in the spring and summer. Also, please keep in mind tours can't operate on the Blue Ridge Parkway on national holiday long-weekends or the month of October.


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