Top 5 open-water swimming destinations
If swimming is much more to you than doing lengths in the pool, it’s time to discover special destinations to explore the world’s waters while challenging mind and body.

Top 5 open-water swimming destinations

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Whether it’s island hopping in the warm seas of the Mediterranean, spectacular wild swims in the Arctic Circle or exploring the beautiful Lakes on our doorstep in the UK, there’s some unbelievable opportunities out there to tackle your next swimming adventure.

Scottish Highlands

You’re going to need plenty of warm kit and a real sense of adventure, but you’ll be rewarded with unspoilt scenery and peaceful surroundings to tackle invigorating freshwater loch or coastal swims. This swimming weekend in Arisaig is ideal for those looking to brave the life-affirming winter waters of the Scottish Highlands.

Brave the Scottish winter waters for an invigorating swimming weekend


With its majestic turquoise water and beautiful scenery, the Dalmatia coast and its neighbouring islands is the perfect setting for your next open-water swimming adventure. There’s no better way to explore these fabulous surrounding than with this week-long island-hopping swimming holiday.

Swim from island to island through turquoise Adriatic waters

Italian Lakes

Northern Italy is home to some the most spectacular lakes to be found anywhere in the world, so what better place to grab your hat and goggles and start exploring! This stunning 4-day Lago D'Orta swimming break combines incredible scenery with expert instruction.

Explore the spectacular lakes of Northern Italy

Lofoten Islands

Boasting Spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife and fantastic cuisine, Norway’s Lofoten Islands lie within the Arctic circle and provide a truly unique open-water swimming experience. If you're a keen swimmer searching for something completely different to try, look no further than this week-long swim training holiday.

Take on a unique swimming adventure in the Arctic Circle


If you’re looking for a destination that offers warmer water and more leisurely swimming adventures, Corfu might be the destination for you. Enjoy relaxing island-to-island and coastal swims with this warm-weather swimming holiday to Mathraki Island.

Enjoy a leisurely swimming holiday in Corfu's warm waters

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