Challenge organisers
Kilimanjaro, one of the classic overseas challenges

Challenge organisers

Recruit individuals, teams and corporates for your challenges

We help challenge organisers recruit participants for their personal, team and charity challenges by connecting individuals and groups interested in taking part with you, the organiser.

Pay-per-lead listings

Listing challenges is an easy way to target our audience - there's nothing to pay up-front and you will immediately benefit from our organic traffic.


Campaigns increase the profile of specific challenges at key times to help drive additional traffic to listings - and generate more leads.

Listings cover everything from abseiling to zorbing


Risk-free promotion of your challenges

Listing challenges is the quickest way to start generating leads and provides you with the name, email and phone number of people interested in taking part.

Far simpler than pay per click

We provide you with the nameemail and phone number - so you can immediately follow-up each lead to maximise bookings. It's that simple!

Only pay for leads

We only charge for leads generated from our audience - so you won't pay for poor quality clicks from ads that don't turn into leads!

Race the Sun challenge in Snowdonia


Pro-active promotion of your challenges

Campaigns increase the profile of a specific challenge at a key time to help drive additional interest and generate more leads. Each campaign is tailored to suit your objectives, timetable and budget.

Lead generation

All campaigns link to an existing challenge listing to help generate more leads.

Measurable ROI

As activity is linked to lead generation, it is very simple to measure the return on investment from the campaign.


If your campaign doesn't go to plan, we'll keep working on it until it does. Applies to solus emails and premium campaigns only.


For existing customers with listings looking for additional leads.

Perfect for giving one of your listings additional coverage on the website or in a weekly newsletter.

  • 1 month carousel feature OR
  • Feature in weekly newsletter
  • Medium-format photo & text
  • Link to listing on website


For organisations looking to target our organic audience.

Exclusive feature on a high-traffic landing page for 1 month to target our organic audience.

  • Exclusivity on key landing page
  • Large-format photo & text
  • Call-to-action button 
  • Branded with logo


For organisations looking to benefit from social and re-targeting activity.

SOLUS EMAIL plus retargeting and social media campaigns to maximise the ROI on all activity.

  • Social media shout out
  • Email retargeting option
  • Google retargeting option
  • Facebook retargeting option