Recruit new fundraisers for challenges, events and charity places

We help over 90 charities recruit new fundraisers for their charity challenges, charity-organised events and places in 3rd party events, such as Great North Run by connecting individuals and groups interested in taking part with the charity - a simple, cost-effective approach with a measurable return on investment.

Listing events & challenges on the website is usually the best starting point for most charities - our organic traffic will immediately start to generate leads.

Campaigns increase the profile of specific events, challenges or charity places at key times to help drive additional traffic to listings - and generate more leads.
ROIReturn on investment
Calculate exactly how much fundraising has been generated from listings and individual campaigns to monitor your return on investment.



Charity challenge and event promotion

Listing events and challenges is the quickest way to start generating leads and provides the charity with the name, email and phone number of people interested in taking part. All packages are for unlimited listings and include a guaranteed number of leads.

Event listings include charity-organised events and charity places secured in 3rd party events such as Great North Run.
Challenge listings include charity-organised challenges in the UK and overseas for individuals and teams.



Pro-active promotion of your charity

Campaigns are designed to increase the profile of a specific event, challenge or charity place at a key time to help drive additional interest and generate more sign ups. Each campaign is tailored to suit your objectives, timetable and budget and can include a variety of options.

WebsiteWebsite campaigns
The simplest way to boost coverage for an event and to benefit from our organic traffic is to give it more prominence on the website.

NewsletterNewsletter campaigns
We send our opted-in subscribers a weekly themed newsletter which features a limited number of events and challenges and can include a headline sponsor.
EmailEmail campaigns
Custom designed email dedicated entirely to your own campaign sent to relevant newsletter subscribers on an agreed date. Limited availability.

Website campaigns

Website campaigns

Premium website coverage

The simplest way to boost coverage for your charity and to benefit from our organic traffic is to give it more prominence on the website. Options include:

Landing pageLanding page
For campaigns including more than one event, we build a co-branded landing page showcasing all events in one place. From £500.
Website featureWebsite features
An editorial-style feature with photo, text and link to a listing on timeoutdoors - displayed prominently on a high-traffic page for 1 month. £250 per month.
Banner adsBanner ads
Target a specific section of the website or the entire site whilst retaining complete control over your visual brand identity. £10-15 CPM.

Newsletter campaigns

Newsletter campaigns

Get in front of 100,000+ opted-in subscribers

We send our opted-in subscribers a weekly themed newsletter which features a limited number of events and can include a headline sponsor. Click here for a list of newsletter themes.

Newsletter featureNewsletter features
An editorial-style feature with photo, text and link to a listing on timeoutdoors - featured within the editorial section of our weekly newsletter. £250 per issue.
Newsletter sponsorshipNewsletter sponsorship
Sponsor a weekly themed newsletter covering activities from running, cycling and walking to destinations, family activities, gear and much more. £750 per issue.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns

Custom email campaign designed, built and sent

A solus email campaign is a custom designed email dedicated entirely to your own campaign that we design, build and send to some or all of our subscribers.

  • Custom branded design for your campaign
  • Split A/B testing available
  • World-class email delivery infrastructure
  • Linked to lead generation on landing page
The end result is a professionally designed, highly targeted email campaign focussed on delivering leads from real people with a genuine interest in taking part in your challenges - with a great chance of turning them into participants. We've worked on over 100 solus campaigns for charities - you can see some examples below.

Customer feedback

"We have renewed our subscription with timeoutdoors for 6 years as we are very happy with the service they provide us. They have generated lots of leads for our challenge events over the years which have given us a great return on our investment."

Henry Street, Challenge Events Fundraiser

CLIC Sargent

"I’m really pleased with how this has been working for the team – I’ve headed up Challenges at CLIC Sargent for almost 10 years now and this is definitely the best response we’ve had from using timeoutdoors so we’re keen to continue and potentially develop it further."

Beverley Mackenzie, Challenge Events Manager
CLIC Sargent

Birmingham St. Mary's Hospice

"We've had over 60 enquiries through timeoutdoors for our new, local 5K run which really helped to launch it in its first year - so thank you for your support with that. Several of the enquiries were from groups and many have signed up!"

Lucy Watkins, Events Manager
Birmingham St. Mary's Hospice

St Mungo's Broadway

"We're completely full now! I can tell you we had over 20 separate enquiries from timeoutdoors (2 of those enquiries were on behalf of groups of 5 or more). Thanks."

Russell Benson, Events Fundraising Coordinator
St Mungo's Broadway

Next steps


Find out more now

Tell us a bit about your events programme and any questions you have about promoting your charity and we'll get straight back to you with answers and details of:

  • Case studies - details of work we've done with similar charities
  • Latest trends - which challenge events work well for fundraising
  • Pricing - a proposal tailored to your budget and events programme

How to contact us

If you'd like to talk now, please call David Warne on 020 7193 6782. If he's not available, please leave a message and he'll call you back.

If you prefer, you can use Calendly to schedule a call with David at a convenient time - just click the link and pick a day/time and he'll call you back then. You can also connect with David on LinkedIn.