#FreeYourself is our motto and embodies what we believe in

Brand advertising

We provide brands with direct access to a large, niche audience of people who love to get active outdoors.

The website has over 10,000 listings of things to do, places to go and clubs to join plus expert advice to help people on their way - but we are far more than just a listing site: we help inspire people to get active outdoors and support them all the way.

Our values reflect our Yorkshire roots - we're a very authentic bunch, focussed on building a trusted community to help our users lead sustainable active and healthy lifestyles.

Our approach is not to churn out masses of programmatic campaigns - we value our audience too much for that. Instead we prefer to run a select number of curated campaigns designed to identify synergy between the advertiser and genuine interests of our users.

#FreeYourself is our motto and embodies much of what we believe in. Find out more about working with us below.

With purely organic search traffic and no bought-in data, our audience is 100% authentic - but we are very protective of them. We never sell their data and only run campaigns likely to be of genuine interest.

From pricing to placement and ROI, there are no smoke and mirrors here - just straight-talking, 100% focus on your ROI and complete openness.
Bespoke campaignsBespoke campaigns
Most of what we do is tailored to the campaign, it's not just pulled off the same peg as the last one. But that doesn't mean we're expensive - we run a very tight ship and always provide great Yorkshire value!
#FreeYourself also applies to the way we work - we try to take on campaigns that are likely to work and not alienate our audience, so we can build a sustainable community and nurture long-term relationships with advertisers. So we'll be asking 3 things right at the start:

1. Is our audience right for your campaign?
2. Is your product/service a good fit for our mission and values?
3. Do we believe we can generate an ROI.

Find out more about how we work below or get in touch, we'd love to talk.

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To find out more about advertising, please call our Head of Advertising Anna Smith on 020 7193 3525 or complete the form below for a call back. We will never pass on your personal details.