About us

Getting active outdoors is great for our wellbeing.


TimeOutdoors is an online community for people who want to lead an active lifestyle outdoors. We inspire people to get active outdoors; we make it easy for them to find and sign up to things; and we provide tools to plan, log and share their outdoor activities with others.

We've recently launched the One Million Challenge, our community challenge to spend one million hours active outdoors in 2023. It's free to sign up and people can clock up hours however they like using a fitness tracker - join in today!

Our mission

Our mission is to get more people outdoors, get them active and help them feel great. Our vision is to be the most useful resource for people who want to get active outdoors.

Our values

  • Useful

    Everything we do will help someone get active outdoors.

  • Inspiring

    We will inspire our audience, our customers and our staff.

  • Simple

    We will make things easy and keep everything clear, concise and jargon-free.

  • Authentic

    We will remain genuinely passionate about what we do and everything we publish will be real.

  • Trusted

    We will act with integrity and provide honest, impartial advice.

  • Professional

    We will strive for exceptionally high standards in everything we do.

Our strapline is #FreeYourself - this could be from whatever you want!

Our team

Based in Yorkshire, we're a small team of runners, cyclists and everyday adventurers who genuinely believe that getting active outdoors is key to being healthy and feeling great.

Andrew Risbey

Andrew Risbey

Despite trying everything from climbing to canoeing and sailing, nothing beats the purity and simplicity of trail running.

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Elaine Aronson

Elaine Aronson

Passionate about healthy living, Elaine looks after the events section.

Jack Hart

Jack Hart

An editor and content creator, Jack gets active outdoors at every opportunity, from triathlons to climbing trees.

Lisa Sumpton
Social media

Lisa Sumpton

Initially taken on for her accountancy skills, Lisa now looks after social media with Jack.

Jess Lewis

Jess Lewis

Jess combines her love of sports and the outdoors with a passion for design.

Mike Hince

Mike Hince

Mike specialises in creating clean, modern looking websites as well as painting famous faces.

Bits Orchestra

Bits Orchestra

Development work is done by our fantastic technical team based in Lviv, Ukraine. Sláva Ukrayíni!