Sat 6 Jul 2024 Kingsbridge, Devon, UK

Bantham Mini-Swoosh

A short, open water swim for kids

  • Sat 6 Jul 2024
Bantham Beach, Kingsbridge

Bantham Mini-Swoosh



Age 8-15

  • 1 km sea swimming


The Bantham Mini-Swoosh is an event like no other. It is a short open water swimming experience for children, where your child can join you on the fun "Swoosh" section of this classic swim, achieve a great challenge, and they can experience all the joy that swimming offers! The event takes place at Bantham Beach, Devon, one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the UK. Children will get into the water in the village, then swim or float down the river with close cover from qualified beach lifeguards. The entire swim is under 1km, supported by a good flow from the outgoing tide which carries you steadily along; the flow is strong enough that if you don’t want to, you do not have to swim at all! Each child must have an accompanying adult in the water with them. Your child should feel confident in the water and confident that they can put on a wetsuit, get into a cold river, move out of their depth and stay calm. If they wish to use any floatation aids that is fine (eg it can help confidence to have a noodle to hold on to, or some children wear a lifejacket). The lifeguards are on paddle-boards, so will travel down the river near the children. They are kind, supportive and will not rush your child; they will try to support you and your child to complete this swim in any way that they can.

Event details

  • All fitness levels
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  • Families
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  • Age 8-15
  • Entries open
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