7 Duathlons in Yorkshire in May 2024

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  • Sun 5 May
  • £30-£45
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Dalby Forest Duathlons

Wild Deer Events is delighted to announce our return to the fabulous Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire where we will again host the Dalby off-road Duathlons.

  • Sprint duathlon
  • Standard duathlon
  • Sat 11 May
  • £8
Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, UK

Cleveland Junior Duathlon

A very popular Junior Duathlon held on Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit in a safe traffic free environment.

  • Kids duathlon 4
  • Sun 5 May
  • £30-£60
Elland, West Yorkshire, UK

The Duathlon

Sprint distance Duathlon, offering the ideal introduction to multi-sport racing and the opportunity to have a go, before maybe stepping up to longer distances,

  • 5 km road running
  • 20 km road cycling
  • 2.5 km road running

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