8 Runs in Northern Ireland in May 2024

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  • Sun 5 May
  • £48-£140
Belfast, County Antrim, UK

Moy Park Belfast City Marathon Events

Run in Northern Ireland's vibrant historic capital...

  • Marathon 2
  • Short walk
  • Sat 18 May
  • £16-£30
Ballymena, County Antrim, UK

Glenarm Castle Challenge

BORN2RUN Events are delighted to announce this year’s Glenarm Castle Challenge will offer runners a range of distances with a Half Marathon, a 10K and a 5K to choose from.

  • 5K run
  • 10K run
  • Short walk
  • Half marathon
  • Sat 18 May
  • £30-£62
Omagh, County Antrim, UK

Baronscourt Endurance Challenge

Welcome to the ultimate test of endurance amid the breathtaking landscapes of Baronscourt Estate in Northern Ireland!

  • Trail run 3

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