Sat 22 Jun 2024 Forres, Moray, UK

The Moray Way 100 Relay

Achieve the century distance as a team and celebrate together!

  • Sat 22 Jun 2024
Forres, Forres

The Moray Way 100 Relay



Age 16 & over

  • 100 miles trail running


Teams of up to 4 (you can have less and run more!) will total the 100(ish!) mile distance, through forests, stunning coastline trails, up hills and over the sandy beaches. BUT the good news is this does not mean you each run a marathon and hand over to the next team mate. We are mixing it up so everyone can take part, and not just you ultra dafties! The race will be divided into 12 sections, where handovers will be at specific checkpoints. Each team chooses who runs each leg, as long as each runner does at least 3 legs (more if your team has less than 4 members!). You can do this by drawing straws, putting names in a hat, or having big arguments, just as long as you have it confirmed. You ARE able to change these prior to race day, provided you let us know!

Event details

  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Fancy dress
  • Newcomers
  • Teams


  • Check points


  • Age 16 & over
  • Enter online