8 Triathlons in Yorkshire in July 2023

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  • Sat 15 Jul 2023
  • £22.50-£86
Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK

Ripon Triathlon

A family friendly triathlon - Ripon Triathlon festival is for triathletes of all abilities – and it’s a family-friendly with a junior triathlon as well as Sprint and Standard distance triathlons.

  • Kids triathlon 5
  • Sprint triathlon
  • Olympic triathlon
  • Sat 1 Jul 2023
  • £17
Burstwick, East Yorkshire, UK

Blip X Microathlon Series Event 2

Not to be missed your chance to take part in a multi-disciplined event Chip timed so you can review your splits.

  • 250 m lake swimming
  • 7000 m mountain biking
  • 1600 m trail running

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