Sun 8 Sep 2024 Preston, Lancashire, UK

Crazy Cow 10K and 2K Family Fun Run | 10K

Hold onto you udders and prepare to be utterly amazed, because the "Crazy Cow 10k & 2k Family Fun Run" is stampeding its way to the GT. Eccleston Showground, and it's going to be udderly hilarious!

  • Sun 8 Sep 2024
Great Eccleston Show, Preston




Age 15 & over

  • 10 km trail running


Picture this... A pasture of giggling families, serious runners, and bovine enthusiasts of all ages converging on the most moo-velous event of the year. It's an udderly ridiculous spectacle where participants can hoof it in style, dressed head-to-hoof as their favourite farmyard friends. Whether you're a seasoned sprinting steer or just want to take a leisurely stroll with the herd, there's a distance for everyone! Join us for a day filled with cow-tastic fun, hilarious costumes, and memories that'll make you say "Holy Cow, that was amazing!" So don you cow spots, grab your running shoes (or hooves), and prepare to have an udderly awesome time at the Crazy Cow 10k & 2k Family Fun Run. Its's a moos-tache of fun you won't want to miss! Let's run, laugh, and milk every moment of this uproarious event at the GT. Eccleston Showground. We promise it'll be a mooooo-ving experience!

This event is part of Crazy Cow 10K and 2K Family Fun Run.

Event details

  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Families
  • Newcomers


  • Bag storage
  • Paid parking


  • Water stations


  • Age 15 & over
  • Entries open
  • Enter online

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