2 10K runs in Tees Valley

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  • Sun 10 Mar
  • £26
Darlington, North Yorkshire, UK

Running GP at Croft Motor Circuit | 10K

Get involved in 2024 for the Brand new Running GP 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, 20mile & Marathon at Croft Motor Circuit. Partnered with Darlington Harriers & Athletics Club

  • 10 km road running
  • Sun 12 May
  • £20-£27
Darlington, County Durham, UK

Raby Races | 10K

The 20th Annual Raby Races will take place in 2024, hosted once again by Teesdale AC within the spectacular scenery offered up by Raby Castle and its surrounding 200-acre estate.

  • 10 km road running

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