Essential equipment for bouldering
Andrew Earl's definitive checklist.

Essential equipment for bouldering


Everything you need for a great bouldering session:

  • Bouldering mat - an important safety item (see Using mats).
  • Brushes - take a range of brushes, from a simple toothbrush to a brush on extendable poles and a large soft brush. These can be used to brush off excessive chalk build up or to clean off sandy or gritty holds.
  • Chalk and chalk bag - small or large, it's up to you.
  • Climbing shoes - ideally two pairs: one pair soft and comfortable (perhaps an older pair) and another closer fitting pair for more precise climbing.
  • Foot rag - especially important in winter to dry your shoes when the ground is wet.
  • Slack line - makes resting more 'fun'(!)
  • Starting mat - a dry, clean surface to start from once you have dried your boots.
  • Skin care survival kit - finger tape, sandpaper, scissors, nail clippers, elastoplast, painkillers and super glue.

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