Motivation for bouldering
Bouldering is now the fastest growing climbing discipline. It's accessible, offers an unbeatable 'time to climb' ratio, is sociable, you need minimal equipment and there are plenty of picturesque venues.

Motivation for bouldering

It's easy to nip out for a hour or so and get a lot of climbing done when bouldering. It's also more sociable than other forms of climbing. There is no waiting around belaying, just alternate goes at a problem or a group of friends doing a circuit of problems. While this can become competitive, it is more frequently the case that people achieve more due to the friendly rivalry that develops.

Bouldering is often called the 'essence of climbing'. You're moving over rock, free from the distractions of a rope and runners. In addition, bouldering is often found in beautiful settings.

For example in Britain you've got the Glen Nevis boulders and Langdale boulders set amongst the mountains, or the grit edges of the Peak and Yorkshire, granite tors on Dartmoor and numerous other places in stunning scenery.

An autumn or winter day spent bouldering under clear blue skies, or success on a long sought after project, will leave you in no doubt as to why so many people, myself included, love bouldering.


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