Equipment checklist for sport climbing
Here's all the essential kit you need for a sport climbing trip.

Equipment checklist for sport climbing


  • Rope - Use a newer one for on sighting or redpointing, use your older rope for working a route. A 60 metre rope is the best all-rounder.
  • Boots - It's worth having two pairs: an older 'comfy pair' for warming up or working a route, and newer ones for on sighting and redpointing.
  • Harness - to hold you firmly and securely and to distribute any forces or loads to as large an area of your body as possible.
  • Belay device - self-locking belay devices like a GriGri are popular for sport climbing. Or other belay device. You'll also need a screwgate karabiner.
  • Chalkbag and spare chalk.
  • Quickdraws - (often abbreviated to 'draw') Generally 10 to 12 are enough for most sport routes anywhere in the world. There's no point in carrying 20 quickdraws to a crag which is only 10 metres high! Take a few long draws and a screwgate for the first bolt. 
  • Enough warm clothes.
Don't forget your toothbrush!
ToothbrushOther useful stuff
  • Tooth brush - for cleaning holds
  • Finger-tape - to protect damaged fingers
  • Knee pads - for knee bars
  • Rag - for drying wet holds
  • 'Bale beaner' - an old karabiner that you don't mind leaving behind if necessary
  • Ropebag - to protect rope from undue damage
  • Clip stick - to help extend your reach

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