Equipment for traditional climbing
Libby Peter explains the significance of everything that connects a climber to the belayer.

Equipment for traditional climbing

The climbing system can be thought of as a series of links that connect the lead climber via harness, rope, knots, runners and belay device to a partner or belayer.

How it works

Each link must be intact and secure for the system to withstand a high impact fall. During a fall force is experienced at every link in the chain and if there is a significant weakness at any one of these links there could be a failure.

In other words, there is no point in having brand new equipment right from the harness to karabiners and rope if you then clip an old, damaged or worn-out piece of 'tat' as your only piece of gear on a hard pitch - that's asking for trouble. Every link in the whole system must be reliable - your safety is depending on it.

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