Women in cycling
The beauty of cycling is that it can be enjoyed by all and it is beneficial to the health and vitality of everyone. Of course, it helps to have the right equipment, the right advice (read on!), and good company makes it even more enjoyable but don't let your gender put you off the sport.

Women in cycling

There are numerous examples of successful women cyclists; the late Beryl Burton won world titles and dominated British cycling for over 25 years. Nicole Cooke already has a junior world title and senior national title on her palmares and she's equally at home on a road bike or mountain bike. Others, such as Josie Dew, have famously toured across continents.

Many women riders haven't started their competitive cycling careers until their mid- or late-twenties

Age is certainly not a barrier to successful and enjoyable riding. Indeed, many women riders haven't started their competitive cycling careers until their mid- or late-twenties (sometimes later) and have enjoyed great success in their mid- and late thirties.

Yvonne McGregor won a world title at 39 years old and other women of similar age (or older) have found success and fame through their cycling. In today's competitive cycling world there are several examples of mother and daughter riding and competing with each other - often with mum still holding the upper hand! There are even separate categories for 'Masters' women (30 to 70+) in many different competitive disciplines.

Female and male riders with similar cycling ability have similar stamina, so cycling can be a genuine family activity. Whether riding on or off-road, serious touring or just a Sunday afternoon gentle ride - there is something in it for everyone.

Add to this the benefits - low impact, aerobic fat burning exercise; stress release and muscle toning; plus the freedom to travel under your own steam - and you can easily see why cycling is most definitely an excellent sporting activity for women.


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