Running advice

Running advice

This section covers all ability levels from beginners starting out right through to preparing for multi-day events overseas - simply use the links below to find the right advice for you.


How to assess your fitness, plan a run, and take those all-important first steps - includes joining a 0-5K group and everything you need to know about fun runs.
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Running shoeClothing and equipment
Advice on what to wear for your runs and the equipment you might start 'needing' - plus a focus on running shoes and the options on offer.
Clothing & equipment Shoes


Running trainingTraining for running
This covers training for popular distances like a 10K or a half marathon, as well as warming up, cooling down, stretching, improved technique and more.
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Running injuriesUnderstanding injuries - and how to prevent them
By gaining greater knowledge about the most common running problems, it's possible to decrease the chances of them happening.
Common injuries Footcare
Running nutritionFuelling your body
Eating and drinking are vital for all runners, especially those on their feet for 90 minutes or more. Let our experts point you in the right direction.
Nutrition and hydration


Types of runningGetting off-road
This is a great mental escape and a physical boost too as it cuts down the chances of injuries. But it can require additional skills and slightly different kit.
Trail running Mud runs + obstacle races
Ultra runningGoing further
Running a marathon is no longer the ultimate distance - ultra runs are anything over 26.2 miles, and can involve running for a number of days in a row.
Ultra running Multi-day running
Advice for womenSpecialist advice
Running and keeping fit during pregnancy is among the subjects covered in our women's running section.
Women's running


If you're taking part in a charity run - from a fun 5K to the London Marathon - then fundraising help and advice can be just as important as training.
Fundraising tips
Overseas runningRunning overseas
From getting a place in the New York Marathon to running holidays abroad, here's how to go about it.
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Organising eventsEvent organisation
If you are looking at organising a running event - and we've thousands here on timeoutdoors - then this section explains just what's involved.
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