How to prepare for a fun run
Fun runs can seem daunting to new participants, but they should be exactly what they say they are – fun! Here's how to make that happen.

How to prepare for a fun run

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To get the most out of your run, preparation is key, whether this is your training, your fundraising or your costume! Here are my top tips to help ensure you have a brilliant day, starting from the very beginning of your fun run journey right through to the day itself.


CharityStart fundraising
The main aim of many fun runs is to raise as much money as possible for a chosen charity. Select your charity and start asking friends and family to sponsor you.
Thumbs upMotivation boost
Once you begin to raise money and reach your target, it will help motivate you to complete the run and build excitement before the big day.

GroupRaising awareness
At MoRunning, we encourage people to raise funds for Movember Foundation and are keen to raise as much awareness as possible for men’s health. So don’t worry if you don’t raise much, raising awareness of a cause is also important.
TrainingPut in the practice
Even though it's a fun run, it's still good to be prepared, so make sure you set aside some time to train.
Happy faceMake training fun too
This doesn’t have to be days spent on the treadmill – do something you enjoy! Do it with a friend or in a group, setting aside certain dates before your race to practice, and plan a treat afterwards to reward yourselves.
GraphStep by step
Start small and then build up your distances. This is especially helpful if you're running the longer 10km distance. Each week, gradually run further distances until you reach the 10km mark.
Santa costumeMoRun tutusSelect a costume
Get creative with your costume! Think outside the box and have a laugh; when else can you dress in fluorescent colours, tutus and wigs? Get together with your team, think up some ideas and decide on a theme, this will help you pull together the perfect costume. At MoRuns, we encourage people to don a ‘tache and dress in their wackiest, brightest costume, with prizes for the best. And if you decide to go down an extravagant route, then it is also a good idea to have a practice in your costume to make sure it is not too constricting!


TortoiseDon't rush off
There's no need to set off too quickly – most people are there to have fun through taking part, rather than win the race. Take your time and keep a steady, consistent pace that everyone in your team is happy with.
WalkingIt's not all about running
Fun runs often see a range of people walking, jogging and running so don’t feel afraid to mix up your run with a light jog or walk a little if you are struggling. It is all about taking part and enjoying the atmosphere.

Water bottleFluid intake
Water is your best friend! Make sure you have plenty to keep you and your team hydrated throughout the race day, including getting fully rehydrated afterwards as you lose a lot of water through sweating.

TicksMoRun smileStretch yourself
Warming up beforehand and cooling down afterwards helps prevent injury or aching muscles the next day. At most of these events, there will be a team of people to put you through a warm up to make sure you are limbered up ready for the race.

MoustacheEnjoy it
Perhaps one of the most important tips – it's a fun run after all. Everyone will be there to enjoy themselves and support each other, so keep that smile on your face!


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