Personal safety
Worried about running on your own or in the dark? Sarah Coope offers some tips on keeping safe while running.

Personal safety

  • When setting off outdoors, tell someone where you are going and for approximately how long.
  • Avoid areas that are dark, where there is cover that someone could hide in and where there are not many people.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you - don't wear a personal stereo, for example, and do all you can to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • If you do run in quiet areas, run with someone else.
  • Join a club or women's running group if you don't know anyone to run with.
  • Run with a mobile phone and be prepared to call someone who can help if you get in difficulty - if you have a 'speed dial' facility, use it.
  • Consider running with a personal alarm.
  • Take self defence lessons.
  • If you see lone males detour if possible and remain vigilant.


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