Lacing techniques
Almost every day we lace our shoes and boots, yet few of us stop to think that there might be a better or more effective method of doing so. This article shows you some alternative lacing patterns to help customise your boots to the needs of your feet.

Lacing techniques

Most people simply accept the way that trainers, boots and formal footwear are laced at the point of sale. Surely if a better method of lacing existed, then wouldn't the salesperson tell us about it? Maybe, or maybe the shoe salespeople are blissfully unaware of the differences these changes can make. It wasn't until recently that I came across some revolutionary methods of lacing for runners that could  release pressure in certain places, add support and help sensitive injuries.

Narrow foot - If you've got narrow feet, thread your laces through the wider set of eyelets to provide you with a tighter fit.

Wide foot - In contrast to the narrow foot tie, use the eyelets that are set closer in to help provide any needed extra width.

Painful foot - If you have a painful or bruised foot, try missing out a hole to ease the pressure.

High-arch weave - Thread your shoes like this to take away the pressure caused by tight lacing across the shoe's tongue.

Suffering from an in-growing toenail, corn or sore toe - try lacing your shoes in a zig-zag way to take the pressure away from any sore toes.

Slipping heel loop - Looping your laces this way will lock your heel more firmly into the sole of your shoe.


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