24hr Swim Relay: Box End Park
Sat 22 - Sun 23 Jun 2024 Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK

24hr Swim Relay: Box End Park

A unique, team endurance swimming challenge for all abilities. Gather a team of between 1 to 8 swimmers and swim for an hour each, for 24 hours!

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  • Sat 22 - Sun 23 Jun 2024
Box End Park, Bedford

24hr Swim Relay: Box End Park



Age 14 & over

  • 24 hrs lake swimming


You swim as much as you want, as fast as you want.

This event is unique in being a personal/team endurance swimming challenge rather than about speed or distance. It’s also for everyone over the age of 14, regardless of your ability. It’s not a race, no one is being timed or tracked. 


  • The Glastonbury of swimming

    It felt like a swimming festival, like a Glastonbury with open water rather than bands. The community spirit really made it something special.

  • Unique and personal

    The event itself is unique in being a personal/team endurance challenge rather than about speed or distance and although a few teams clearly wanted to be competitive, the team was fantastic in promoting the inclusive, not a race, message.

  • The atmosphere

    The atmosphere was brilliant. The night time swims really are so special but also getting to swim together as a team was brilliant. The event staff maintained their energy throughout which helped when we were flagging.

  • Such a joy

    The weekend was such a joy to be a part of - seeing all these people come together to do something uplifting and for such an amazing cause creates the best buzz. It's so relaxed and easy going, everyone knows where to be and when, and it all just runs smoothly.

  • Cheer the night

    I loved the camaraderie, with people cheering on everyone, even at 2am. The people were all so lovely and it's such an incredible community to be part of - watching everyone going in for that last hour made me emotional!

  • Top organisation

    10 mins before the hour and you can start the changeover, it was nice and smooth. The uniqueness is the 24 hour part, I think it's amazing.

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  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Spectators
  • Swim hat optional
  • Teams
  • Wetsuit optional

Team size

1 to 8 swimmers

Gather a team of between 1 to 8 swimmers who love an epic challenge and swim for an hour each, for 24 hours.

At midday one of you jumps in and swims for an hour. It’s not a race. There’s no finish line. You just swim for an hour. Then the next swimmer, then the next until 24 hours is up and you’re shattered, but elated that you’ve just completed one of the hardest swimming challenges out there.

Your own pace

You’re not competing against anyone but yourself. It’s an endurance event and lengths or distance aren't counted. The challenge is how far you can push yourself through the tiredness. Through the cold. How you can support each other through the harder hours.



The most important thing to bring along is warm clothes because you will get cold.

And make sure to bring plenty of food and drink for the duration. You’ll also want to try and grab a nap in between your swims so sleeping bags and small tents are essential. You’ll have a few hours between your swims so there’s plenty of time to nip off for a nap. 

You will need a tow float and light so the safety team can keep an eye on you at night.

It’s up to you what you wear to swim in. You can wear a wetsuit if you like or brave it in a costume. You can use flippers or hand paddles to help you along.



There’ll be plenty of measures in place to make sure all swimmers are safe. From canoes out on the lake, lifeguards on the side, first aid close by and plenty of motivation and encouragement from us.

As mentioned above, please bring a tow float and light that you can swim with in the bag or on your goggles and a whistle. This is so we can easily spot you at night and you can draw attention to yourself if you get into any difficulties.



  • Changing facilities
  • Park
  • Toilets

Event HQ

Box End Park
Box End Road
Box End
MK43 8RQ

This swimming event connects you with some of the most beautiful stretches of water in the country. 


Experience a true sense of belonging. A feeling of being at one with the water, with nature and the world around you. Swimming is a personal journey, so this glorious event has been created to help you do that.


  • First aid
  • Marshals
  • Multiple laps
  • No cut off time
  • Rolling start
  • Sleeping facilities
  • Way markers

Box End Park is well set-up for a range of watersports and activities and features two beautiful, naturally spring-fed lakes within 100 acres of parkland.

Activities usually on offer include a giant inflatable Aqua Park, wakeboarding with cable tow and stand-up paddleboarding.


Your challenge

For children with disabilities.

The challenge is in the endurance, the team work and camaraderie to support each other for the duration. It’s the 2am cold swims when you just want to sleep. It’s the hugs of relief at the end of each hour knowing you’ve just ticked another hour off. It’s being huddled around the fire pit with a hot chocolate and dancing to keep warm. It’s cheering the sunrise.

It’s knowing that you’re doing it to raise money for Level Water who provide 1-to-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities. It’s knowing that, one day, they might be able to take part in this challenge with their friends or family because of the efforts you are putting in to fundraise. 

It’s knowing your are using the power of your swimming to change lives. And that’s all pretty wonderful.

Level Water

Level Water gives children with disabilities the opportunity to learn to swim.

From physical development to social and emotional confidence, swimming is a vehicle to change their lives for the better. To make this happen and create long lasting impact, this can’t be done in isolation.

Level Water unites and collaborates with teachers, families, fundraisers, pools, supporters, governing bodies – and children with disabilities; helping the whole industry to share this mission.

  • Age 14 & over
  • Entries open
  • Enter online
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Entry fees

Entry fee


Minimum sponsorship


That was the best…thank you so much to you and all of your team. It was such a crazy, beautiful, bonding experience. One we’ll never forget. Thanks.

All staff made it an event I'm looking forward to doing each year.

Sitting on the benches having a coffee after a 4-5am swim had to be the highlight.

The night swims were my favourite moment as it was so magical and unlike anything I'd ever done before.

My personal favourite moment was my 5-6am swim in the glorious sunrise; a ball of yellow gold reflecting on the water. A few of us, including the safety guy on the kayak just stopped to soak it all in.