15 Miles
Sun 2 Mar 2025 Bromley, Kent, UK

The Drop | London | 15 Miles

We put you on a bus... We blindfold you... We take you to an unknown location... You have no tech, no map, no watch, no idea where you are... Will you make it back to HQ or be lost for ever?

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  • Sun 2 Mar 2025
Bromley, Bromley

15 Miles



Age 18 & over

  • 15 miles multi terrain running


The most adventuresome race in the UK.

Limited to 60 places only.

We put you on a bus... We blindfold you... We take you to an unknown location... You have no tech, no map, no watch, no idea where you are... Will you make it back to HQ or be lost for ever?

  • No map
  • No GPS
  • No route
  • No help
  • No compass
  • No watch


The following will get you disqualified:

  • Using a GPS device

    Recording your progress is acceptable, but the device you use will have to be sealed in the emergency bag which will be supplied and sealed by the organisers. 

  • Using a map

    Other than any given to you by the organisers. 

  • Using transport

    Using anything except your own two legs to get you to the finish.

  • Breaking the seal

    Breaking the seal on the emergency bag

  • Missing cut-off

    Cut-off time is 4 or 5 hours depending on which distance you choose.

This event is part of The Drop | London.

  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Newcomers
  • Teams


  • 08:00-08:55 | Registration

    Sign in at the desk on the day. Collect goggles, race number, safety pins etc. Complete a form with emergency and contact details.

  • 08:50 | Board bus

    Be ready to jump on the bus 10 minutes before leaving. Event briefing on the bus.

  • 09:00 | Bus leaves

    When you are on the bus place any tech, watches, phones etc in your sealable bag and place in your back pack.

  • 09:30-10:15 | Run begins

    Depends on the exact location of the drop.

Kit list

There are several things you will need on the day to help you to perform your best:

  • Warm clothes

    For pre-post event, these can be left at the event centre.

  • Bag

    No bigger than 75cm x 48cm x 104cm - the same size as a shoe box. 

  • Race numbers

    Attached to your race top or race belt, and any medical conditions clearly written on the back of your number (race numbers and pins are collected at registration). You will need to show your race numbers for the duration of the event.

  • Photo ID

    A photocopy or photo of your passport or driving licence.

  • Waterproof jacket

    Not a log flume poncho or super market fashion jacket, it has to have a waterproof membrane with taped seams.

  • Waterproof trousers

    Good quality as per the jacket.

  • Foil blanket

    For safety.

  • Whistle

    3 long blasts is the emergency call.

  • Phone

    Fully charged and working.

  • GPS tracker

    Supplied at registration and returned at the finish.

  • Money

    There are no water or feed stations and you may pass a shop. Plus money for a beer or two or three afterwards.

There will be spot checks on the day. Anyone who does not have the mandatory kit or, in the organiser's opinion, is not prepared for the weather/event will not start.

Female entrants

This event works with She.Races to help make it more inclusive and remove barriers to participation, including:

  • Making sure where possible there are separate ladies and gents toilets and changing facilities
  • Anonymised results and start lists which means anonymous names can be created for the live tracking 
  • Feminine hygiene products available

  • Bag storage
  • Cafe

Event HQ


The Drop is heading to Bromley in 2024! Venue details to be confirmed.

Try to use public transport if possible then you can leave the car at home and join the team for a drink afterwards!

  • Cut off time
  • Out and back
  • Own water only
  • Single start

Cut off time

4 hours

If you can't make the generous cut off times, do not enter this event. You will be putting yourself and the events team at risk ( eg. 15 miles as the crow flies could end up been being 20 depending how lost you get). 


How the heck do we know? The route is your choice; hills, moors, canals, tracks and road. Legal rights of way only.

Just an example of how far 10 and 15 miles are.

  • GPS tracking
live tracking


  • A truly unique experience
  • Race number
  • GPS tracker
  • Transport to the start location
  • Memento
  • Results - if you finish, the race results will be published on the website within two 2 hours of race ending and as you cross the finish line. 

Not Included

  • Support vehicles are definitely not included - let's be clear there is no support
  • Hot meal, food and drink - available near event HQ

  • Age 18 & over
  • 60 places
  • Entries open
  • Collect race pack
  • Enter online
Enter now

Limited to just 60 places.

Choose your distance on the day - 10 miles or 15 miles.

Entry fees

Entry fee


A friendly, unique challenge - check out the feedback!

Did the 10 miles The Drop. Loved it: challenging, hard but loved it. Sabrina D.

Great event and well worth a try for a new adventure! Lots of good communication before the event and friendly, slick registration on the morning. Fun event that you won't find elsewhere and genuinely exciting to have no idea where you're going to end up and how you're going to get back! My family and friends enjoyed "dot watching" with the constant updates from our GPS tracking devices vs. other participants on the online map. It was so exciting to not know whether we were front of the pack or coming in last until we got to the end. Looking forward to taking part in the next one :) . Bekki W.

Great event concept even if you do know the local area. The coach will try and deceive you even if you know the roads so you have no idea where you are dropped! Great event mug at the end. Liam S.

The Drop was great fun! Well organised, unique, welcoming, good atmosphere before and after. The memento was good--nice to get something other than a medal or a t-shirt. I would definitely go again! We did the 10-mile event and ended up running about 22km all in all. We though the navigation might be difficult for us, not being as familiar with the outer parts of London, but it was doable enough without any catastrophic wrong turns(!). Aoife M.

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