Rat Race | Mongol 100
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 7 nights from $3,906

Rat Race | Mongol 100

A stunning adventure 100 miles across a frozen lake in Outer Mongolia. Run, bike or skate across Lake Khovsgol on this fully supported, culturally immersive bucket-list trip.

  • 100 miles trekking


Ger and wilderness camp outs

Ger and wilderness camp outs

Get cosy around the campfire with views over the frozen lake towards both shores and enjoy a feast of reindeer meat from a huge fire.

Event tribute party

Event tribute party

Enjoy a cracking local meal, event video highlights on the big screen, presentation of finisher’s medals and other very secret and special mementos before partying the night away with local music!

Finish at the Ice Festival

Finish at the Ice Festival

At the southern end of Lake Khovsgol is the finish line set amongst the ice sculptures where you'll feel astonished at your achievement as you sail through it!


100 miles across a frozen lake in the depths of Outer Mongolia. By any means - foot, skate or bike.

In winter, the ice freezes across its entire near-100-mile length to a depth of over a metre thick, creating the ultimate adventure challenge course. This is the Mongol 100 – the most surreal, audacious and hauntingly beautiful adventure challenge known to humankind. The objective is to traverse the entirety of the lake from north to south, by any means - foot, skate or bike.

In a remote corner of North-Western Mongolia lies Lake Khovsgol: One of 17 ancient lakes in the world over 2 million years old and which contains the world’s purest fresh water.

The shores are lined with ancient stands of boreal forest and packed with wolves. It is serene, hostile, stunning, and intimidating. In winter, the ice freezes across its entire near-100-mile length to a depth of over a metre thick and here lies the adventure.


  • 2-9 March 2025
  • 1-8 March 2026

Adventure video

  • Average fitness
  • Solo
  • Couples

Fitness level

You can do this. This adventure is for anyone with a moderate level of fitness.


You can go at your own pace although there are some cut-offs - this is basically the amount of daylight available each day. The team wants everyone to finish and the amount of time available is genuinely the amount of daylight available to complete the job, from the published start time until nightfall (the start time always being after first light). If you do end up lagging behind and you really cannot make it in time, you will be picked up in an event vehicle (or horse and sled) and transported to the overnight camp. You can restart the next day if you wish. There is none of this ‘if you miss a cut-off you’re out’ stuff on this event.


Simply follow the marked route or go where the team says. There will be radio comms in place for the event crew to talk to one another. The visibility is so good and it’s so flat you will be able to see other participants (or crew and vehicles) ahead and/or behind you at all times. You should not worry about getting lost. At all times the support team 4×4 vehicles will not be far away either. If you do step off course, the team can see you (visually and on satellite) and will come and get you.


It is hard, smooth, thick ice. It is absolutely flat as a pancake but the ice surface changes often. Big smooth black sections are interspersed with small snow-covered sections and large smashed-up slabs. Plus some really weird formations that look like ‘dinner plates or ‘jellyfish’!


If you'd like to take part on a bike, you'd need to provide your own as there are no hire facilities.


You will stay in a mixture of comfortable Ger camps (yurts) and wilderness camps.


All meals are included, cooked up by the expert catering crew.

Kit list

A comprehensive kit list with mandatory and recommended kit is available.


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  • Bag transfer
  • Transfers

Meeting point

Ulaanbaatar International Airport

  • Lake
  • Minibus


  • Day 1 | Travel

    You will be welcomed by the team at the airport (most international flights arrive early morning). Transfer to Khatgal by road. Traveling through hundreds of miles of mountain and forest wilderness leaving civilisation behind and heading to the lake. Accommodation is in a permanent cosy ger camp at Khatgal. A slap-up meal and drinks are provided to welcome you to Mongolia after your long journey, plus some local entertainment.

  • Day 2 | Proficiency test on ice

    Enjoy your stunning and surreal new surroundings and get used to life at between -20 and -40. After a hearty breakfast, complete kit checks today, plus provide safety briefings. For those biking and skating, you will be asked to complete a small proficiency test on the ice. You can also stretch those legs on the ice itself and ‘feel it for real.’ Accommodation will again be in the cosy permanent ger camp at Khatgal.

  • Day 3 | Transfer to start

    Rise at first light and board the vehicles for the journey from Khatgal to Khank at the northern end of the lake. This journey is an adventure in its own right as the group rides in convoy over the entire length of the frozen lake. Today will allow you to see the route itself and will give you immense confidence in what lies ahead. Stop for lunch ‘al fresco’ on the ice and continue towards the toasty permanent ger camp at Khank, arriving in mid to late afternoon. A hearty dinner awaits, before you hunker down in preparation for what lies ahead.

  • Day 4 | The Mongol 100 begins

    The Mongol 100 begins! From the start line just metres from your ger you will strike out south down the lake, heading for the first overnight camp on the eastern shore. Distances will always be approximate, due to the route taken to provide safe passage. Three pit stops will be provided each day, at approximately 10km intervals and you will cover approx. 40km today to reach your first wilderness camp. You’ll also likely spend a good bit of time today ‘sorting’ your clothing in this first stage of the challenge and managing temperature – layering particularly. Accommodation will be in gers in the first of three true wilderness camps, with a log burning stove in each one and a roaring communal fire around which the team will congregate in the evening to share tales from the first day.

  • Day 5 | Head to the island

    The second day journeys to the island in the middle of the lake and to the second wilderness camp. By now you may be getting used to your mode of travel and to the endless bangs, rumbles and crashes emanating from underneath your feet. Pinch yourself every now and then and remember where you are – running, riding or gliding across a frozen lake in Mongolia! Accommodation is again in one of the stunning wilderness camps, nestled on the edge of the island with views over the lake towards both shores.

  • Day 6 | Long day ahead

    Another long day on foot over approx. a marathon’s worth of icy terrain – by now the legs will definitely be feeling it but hopefully you’ll be in a good rhythm. The route will provide safe passage to the third and final wilderness camp on the shore of the lake, amidst the ancient boreal forest which envelops the whole world at this latitude. There will be an amazing feast of reindeer meat and livers around the huge open fire.

    Ultra run
  • Day 7 | Ice festival finish

    The fourth and final stage brings you across another 30 – 40km stage and right back to where it all began at Khatgal, at the southern end of lake Khovsgol. The finish line will be established amongst the ice sculptures of the Ice Festival. You will feel astonished at your achievement as you sail through it, having completed quite probably the most unique, memorable and emotional event you’ve ever done.

    Tonight is now all about the party. Enjoy a cracking local meal, event video highlights on the big screen, presentation of your finisher’s medals and other very secret and special mementos before partying the night away with local music, local food and perhaps the odd vodka and beer, all laid on for you in tribute to yourselves and your mighty achievement.

  • Day 8 | Travel

    After a morning sorting kit, viewing the ice sculptures once more and saying goodbye to our warm Mongolian hosts, saddle up for the return trip to Ulaan Baatar by road.

  • Accommodation
  • Guides
  • Meals
  • Transfers


  • Accommodation

    7 nights camping.

  • Meals

    All meals included.

  • Transfers

    Includes airport transfers at the beginning and end.

  • Guides and support

    Professional support vehicles, safety staff, water safety, medical and welfare.

  • Safety

    Professional local and UK safety staff, bike mechanic, medics, drivers, route safety staff and experts on hand throughout. Audited and accredited to BS8848 expedition safety standard.

  • Transfer policy

    Flexible event transfer policy up to 12 weeks before your departure.

  • Extras

    High quality medal, rat rag and premium t-shirt for all participants.

Trip leader

Abbi is your leader for this adventure. She's a highly experienced Expeditions Manager with more than 10 years of exploring under her belt.

Seriously this one is going to be a blinder. I am in love with it already! I didn’t realise I would fall in love with the place so much. To be able to run, kayak, SUP, bike and jump in the sea in the most stunning of locations. With great and very cheap wine! What more could you ask for?

  • Carbon offset
  • Plastic bottle free

Environmental pledge

This adventure has made a firm commitment to really elevate its approach to a sustainable and environmentally aware way of working. Each activity has been assessed to improve its environmental impact, including:

  • race t-shirts to be collected at the event and not shipped across the world
  • wooden medals instead of metal
  • phasing out single-use plastics
  • local event catering
  • tighter recycling activities

This event is on track to achieve carbon-neutral in its day-to-day business activities and is making progress with carbon off-setting for worldwide travel, including ground-breaking ways to make a difference in some of the host locations.


16 and 17 year olds will be considered on an individual basis, if taking part with a responsible adult.

Instalment plan

eg. Pay £388.80 in 10 instalments.

Choose how many months you want to spread the cost over, totally interest free. There is no credit check required to use this facility. When you sign up to the instalment plan a recurring payment will be set up and your card will be debited on the same date each month.

Refund protect

Add Refund Protect to your booking during purchase and receive a full refund of your entry fee if you are unable to attend the event due to a qualifying unforeseen circumstance.




While I like to think the inaugural cohort set the bar fairly high all the way around, I would strongly encourage anyone interested in a culturally immersive and highly challenging event to take advantage of this most unusual opportunity.

Being able to glide on 5-6 feet of clear ice with constant ever-changing patterns was a true joy. Inevitably there was a slog through parts that were unskateable, sections needing intensive use of poles or the path suddenly blocked due to enormous new ice fissures but those obstacles only highlighted the most beautiful ice I’ve ever seen. The cold harsh wind that hit all racers 10 miles or so from the end also served as a reminder of just how superb overall conditions were the previous days. And I can think of no more a majestic backdrop than the ancient snow-capped peaks that followed the entire western shore.

While I will find another big adventure and plan on enjoying more endurance racing (and skating some amazing ice), it is the larger group camaraderie of the Mongol 100 that will be difficult to replicate. Brett Blanchard, March 2019

I’m here. This is happening. Months and months of planning, preparation and perspiration from hours of training, has all led to this..

I step off the plane.. I’ve finally completed a lifetime’s worth of plane and bus journeys in a little over 24 hours, but spirits are instantly raised as I spy the friendly and welcoming sight of the other adventurers huddled in the corner of the airport. There might as well be a sign above our heads saying “out of towners” but I feel almost immediately at home. The feeling that this is a friendly country full of warm, hard-working people begins at this very moment – a view that is only confirmed as the adventure progresses over the next ten days. Daniel Jones, March 2019

Enquiries & bookings

If you have any questions or would like to check availability or make a booking, please provide a few details about you, your group size and any preferred dates. A member of the team will then get back to you or you can go ahead and book online.