How to take part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks
There are plenty of options from budget, one-day group walks to fully-organised weekends tailored exclusively for your group. Take a look at the options below to narrow down the list. If you don't know where to start, get in touch for help.

How to take part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks


Yorkshire Dales OS Map
This is a tough challenge so only self-guide if you have experience of hill-walking and are able to navigate in all weather conditions. Click here to buy the map you'll need.


Guided by a group leader
For people who want to be led by a professional guide to ensure a safe, enjoyable and successful challenge.

3 peaks in 12 hours

Classic 12 hour challenge
For people who want to take on the classic challenge and try to get round within the target time of 12 hours.

3 Peaks over 2 days

Take two days to complete the challenge
For people who want to chill out a bit and take on the challenge at a more leisurely pace, walking the 3 peaks over 2 days.

Fully-organised weekend

Fully organised weekend
For people who want an easy life: a fully-organised weekend including professional guide, quality accommodation or the best local campsites plus great local food.

Exclusive groups

Exclusive groups
For people who are organising a challenge for a private group on a date of your choice.

Do it for charity

Do it for charity
For people who want to raise money for charity and be with like-minded supporters.


Some charities run fully organised Three Peaks challenges for you to join, where you don't have to worry about organising any of the logistics.


If you'd like to raise funds for your own charity, there are options for every group size and budget. Whether you'd like a fully-organised weekend challenge including accommodation and food, a local guide for a single day, or complete exclusivity for your group, we'll help you find the right challenge.


This varies but is usually in the region of £300-£500. Those including accommodation and food will have a higher target than day-only walks. If you don’t like having to hit a target, opt to self-fund which means you simply raise as much as you can.


It's easy to gauge whether you're on track as the majority of your fundraising will be done online, and the organisers or charity will be there to help if you're off target. You'll usually be asked to submit most of the funds 10 weeks before your challenge, and you may have up to two months after the challenge to submit the rest.

If you're not sure where to start - we'll help you. Simply get in touch.

Boost your knowledge
Tip: Guides will be able to share a wealth of information on the points of interest en route, for example pointing out Iron Age hill forts and limestone pavements. If you're self-guiding, try to do a bit of research beforehand to keep up the interest as you go along.


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