Training for the Yorkshire Three Peaks
The route is a couple of miles short of marathon length with three major ascents packed into it, so you need to be in good shape to complete the full route comfortably.

Training for the Yorkshire Three Peaks

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is a very demanding challenge walk over mixed terrain with the occasional scramble - achievable to those with good levels of physical and mental stamina who have well-fitting boots and who have prepared well.

Steep crags, bog and unexpected weather on high ground set this apart from other lower-level marathon walks. Sore knees, blisters, torn muscles and other niggles may make the difference between successful completion or not, so your training should be started early enough to flag up any weaknesses.

As with all active challenges, the more training you put in then the more you'll enjoy the walk itself.

Getting started

Getting started
If you are new to hiking then you should do plenty of training - because you will be walking close to marathon distance over tough terrain. Start off with training walks of 15-30 minutes and build up the length and difficulty as you get closer to your challenge date. Make sure you try to do at least one training walk that covers the 24-mile distance.

Train on hills

The best way to train is going uphill
The best way to train for a big day of hiking is by actually walking up hills. Start training at least three months before your challenge and if possible visit the Yorkshire Dales to familiarise yourself with the landscape. If travelling to Yorkshire isn’t possible, find a local hill of similar height to practice on.

Train in the gym

Train in the gym
At the gym, focus on the equipment which will help strengthen your legs - including quads, hamstrings and calves. Ask for advice on toning the muscles in the lower thighs to help support your knees for the long downhills.

Train with a backpack

Train with a backpack
You will be carrying a full rucksack on the challenge with up to four litres of water so replicate that in training by filling your pack with the same food and gear you intend to carry on the day.

Avoid a mountain rescue call-out

Avoid a mountain rescue call out
Ingleborough is the most common site in the Dales for Mountain Rescue call-outs - often from exhausted Three Peakers - so be sure to follow a structured training plan beforehand. If you are taking part in an organised challenge you will get further training advice when you sign-up.


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