Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Stonehenge Striders

A community focused, goal driven, supportive running club. They want to help members achieve their running goals whether distance or time related.

4 club sessions

  • Tue
  • Speed
  • #1 of 4

Training Session


All ages

Structured training session to improve speed, stamina and form.

  • Wed
  • #2 of 4

Training Run


All ages

A run of between 5km and 10km.

  • Fri
  • #3 of 4

Training Run


All ages

A run of between 8km and 10km.

  • Sun
  • #4 of 4

Sunday Long Run


All ages

This longer run will be on average 10 miles.


Stonehenge Striders was started and is lead by qualified coaches who are keen to help runners achieve their running goals within a supportive club.  Their objectives include to promote participation and enjoyment in running and racing events at all distances and celebrate achievements.

Club details

  • England Athletics


  • Social
  • Speed
  • Beginners


  • Strava
  • Facebook group


  • Training
  • Coaching

How to join

  • All ages
  • Free taster sessions

Membership fees

Annual membership


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