3 Aquabikes in West Midlands

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  • Sun 21 Apr
  • £35-£37
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, UK

Black Country Triathletes Sprint Triathlon

Pool based Sprint Triathlon

  • Sprint triathlon
  • Sprint aquabike
  • Sun 9 Jun
  • £79
Nuneaton, Leicestershire, UK

The Battle of Bosworth Triathlon Festival

Speedhub Triathlon Club are a bunch of good friends brought together through a passion for triathlon & multisport events.

  • Sprint triathlon
  • Olympic triathlon
  • Standard aquabike
  • Sun 18 Aug
  • £70-£83
Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK

Blithfield Standard

Blithfield Reservoir is situated in some of Staffordshire’s most beautiful countryside.

  • Olympic triathlon
  • Standard aquabike

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