6 Duathlons in East of England in March 2024

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  • Sun 17 Mar
  • £7.50-£10
Brandon, Suffolk, UK

Can But Tri Junior Duathlon Series - Race 4

Get involved in this fun junior run-bike-run event in the safe environment of High Lodge, Thetford Forest.

  • Kids duathlon 3
  • Sun 17 Mar
  • £15
Brandon, Suffolk, UK

Can But Tri Adult Duathlon Series - Event 7

Get involved in this off-road duathlon series held at the stunning location of High Lodge in the heart of Thetford Forest.

  • 2.25 km trail running
  • 7.25 km mountain biking
  • 2.25 km trail running
  • Sun 24 Mar
  • £35-£45
Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK

Ely 115 Squadron Duathlon

The Ely 115 Squadron Duathlon is a great way for hibernating triathletes to rub their eyes, shake out the winter legs and kick off the race season in style!

  • 5 km road running
  • 25 km road cycling
  • 5 km road running
  • Sun 24 Mar
  • £35-£61
Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Lingwood Duathlon

Following the successful inaugural Lingwood Duathlon 2023 Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club is delighted to announce that entries for the 2nd Lingwood Duathlon in 2024 are now open.

  • 5 km road running
  • 31 km road cycling
  • 5 km trail running

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