Thu 25 Jan 2024 Farnham, Surrey, UK

Hankley Common 10K

Join this stunning guided trail run, starting and finishing in Hankley Common, home to an abundance of rare wildlife, this location boasts some interesting features.

  • Thu 25 Jan 2024
Hankley Common, Farnham

Hankley Common 10K



All ages

  • 10 km trail running


We will visit the Atlantic Wall, In 1943, in an area of the Common known as the Lion's Mouth, Canadian troops constructed a replica of a section of the Atlantic Wall. It is constructed from reinforced concrete and was used as a major training aid to develop and practise techniques to breach the defences of the French coast prior to the D-Day landings. This area is famous for being used in multiple movies and TV shows, including numerous James Bond movies and most recently, the new Avengers movie. It is also an active MOD training area, it's not unusual to find yourself running past guys and girls in full camouflage, hiding in bushes! We will enjoy amazing trails and views the whole way round. This run is perfect for people new to trail running, runners who simply like to run with like minded people, or those that haven't felt comfortable running trails alone at dusk or night. You will be guided by myself, an experienced ultra runner, running coach and Salomon ambassador. You don't need to worry about where you are going or the route we will take, I will take care of everything so all you need to do is concentrate on running and having fun.

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