3 Runs in Gloucestershire in August 2024

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  • Thu 8 - Sun 11 Aug
  • £90
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

The Thames Challenge

Multi-day or single-day Ultra Marathon - you choose. All finishers receive a bespoke medal and a technical tee shirt for each day completed!

  • Ultra run 4
  • Sun 4 Aug
  • £13-£15
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK

Standish Woodland Chase

A multi-terrain race over a course of almost 10 miles following parts of the famous Cotswold Way.

  • 10 miles multi terrain running
  • Sat 31 Aug
  • £95
Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK

The Berkeley Marathons

The Berkeley Marathons UK was conceived following a chance encounter with Lazarus Lake at The National Running Show UK in January 2020.

  • 26.2 miles trail running

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