3 Half marathons in Exeter

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  • Sun 21 Apr
  • £28
Exeter, Devon, UK

The Green Lantern | Green Zone

The Green Lantern is a circular 14 mile ‘half marathon’, which follows the Green Circle clockwise around Exeter, through wooded valleys, meadows, bicycle lanes and the banks of the Exe.

  • 14.1 miles trail running
  • Sun 12 May
  • £25-£35
Exeter, Devon, UK

The Haldon Half Marathon | Half Marathon

New For 2024! Join Purple Gecko Events for a new, challenging course through the forest on a balmy, early summer morning!

  • 13.1 miles trail running
  • Sun 26 May
  • £43-£45
Exeter, Devon, UK

Exeter's Great West Run | Half Marathon

If you want a run with the perfect blend of quiet countryside and electric city-centre vibes, then look no further than The Elysium Healthcare Great West Run.

  • 13.1 miles road running

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