4 Runs in Scotland in March 2023

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  • Sun 5 Mar 2023
  • £7-£15
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, UK

Down by The River Races

Great opportunity to get an early 10k or 3k PB on a fast flat course

  • Fun run
  • 10K run
  • Sun 12 Mar 2023
  • £10-£12
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Urban Cross Country - Race 3

Join for some Cross Country in Spring 2023!

  • 5 km xc running
  • Sat 18 Mar 2023
  • £10-£12
Perth, Perth and Kinross, UK

The Big Giant Bleep Test

Can you beat the bleep? This brand new event is a different take on the bleep test you might have done at school to test your fitness... and here's a fun version for fun runners and fitness fanatics!

  • 5 km road running

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