5 Triathlons in South East in April 2024

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  • Sun 14 Apr
  • £40-£70
Woking, Surrey, UK

Woking Triathlon - Spring

Now a regular fixture of the local triathlon scene Woking Triathlon has become a popular race with athletes coming back year after year.

  • Kids aquathlon 5
  • Sprint aquathlon
  • Super sprint triathlon
  • Sprint triathlon
  • Sun 21 Apr
  • £80
Ringwood, Hampshire, UK

Ringwood Triathlon

The 1st event for 2024 is the mighty Ringwood Triathlon.

  • Sprint triathlon
  • Sprint aquabike
  • Sprint aquathlon
  • Sun 28 Apr
  • £51
Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

7Oaks Triathlon

The 7Oaks triathlon has been running for over 30 years and is one of the longest running triathlon races in the South East.

  • 400 m pool swimming
  • 25 km road cycling
  • 5 km road running
  • Sun 28 Apr
  • £50
Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Southampton Fast Twitch

A perfect way to kick off the Triathlon season, putting that winter training to the test with a pool-based sprint triathlon situated on the edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park.

  • 400 m pool swimming
  • 20 km road cycling
  • 4.9 km road running

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