3 Triathlons in West Midlands in May 2023

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  • Sat 13 May 2023
  • £84.99-£109.99
Shifnal, Staffordshire, UK

XTERRA Weston Park Triathlon

Making a spectacular return to the UK, XTERRA Weston Park is a must for all cross triathletes' calendars!

  • Sprint triathlon
  • Olympic triathlon
  • Sun 7 May 2023
  • £39
Much Wenlock, Shropshire, UK

Much Wenlock Triathlon

Telford Triathlon club are pleased to announce the return of the Pool based Sprint Triathlon that has been a part of the games for many years.

  • 400 m pool swimming
  • 12 miles road cycling
  • 5 km trail running

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