Sat 26 Oct 2024 Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Zoo to Fell Marathon

Welcome to the exhilarating Zoo to Fell Marathon, taking place for its second year in 2024!

  • Sat 26 Oct 2024
Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool

Zoo to Fell Marathon



Age 18 & over

  • 26.2 miles trail running


This exciting event promises an unforgettable adventure through stunning landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or a novice eager to embrace new challenges, this race welcomes participants of all abilities. Prepare yourself for an epic journey as you start at Blackpool Zoo, surrounded by the vibrant energy of nature and wildlife. From there, you'll embark on a thrilling course that winds its way through picturesque trails, showcasing the natural beauty of the region. As you conquer each mile, you'll witness breathtaking views, encounter diverse flora and fauna, and feel a sense of serenity enveloping you. But the experience doesn't end at the finish line—wait until you see the medals! Our awesome medals are designed to commemorate your achievement and serve as a lasting symbol of your determination and perseverance. Each medal is crafted with utmost care, capturing the essence of the marathon and its unique connection to both Blackpool Zoo and Beacon Fell. While the Zoo to Fell Marathon is undoubtedly a challenging feat, the atmosphere throughout the event remains vibrant, fun, and friendly. You'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for running and the great outdoors. Whether you're seeking to beat your personal record, enjoy a leisurely jog, or simply revel in the joy of being part of a community, you'll find ample support and camaraderie along the way.

Event details

  • All fitness levels
  • Event village
  • Newcomers


  • Bag transfer


  • Check points
  • First aid
  • Marshals
  • Point to point
  • Way markers

What's included

  • Medal


  • Age 18 & over
  • Entries open
  • Enter online