Belfast is alive with culture and entertainment and is one of the top cities in the UK for green attractions.

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Explore Belfast

Stood between the Irish Sea and Lough Neagh, Belfast is a superb location for watersports enthusiasts, though there's plenty to see inland as well. In the city itself, half-marathons and sponsored walks will you keep you active, while further up the coast the untamed Antrim Coast is perfect for wilder outdoor pursuits.

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Events in Belfast

Explore the full range of outdoor events available in the Northern Irish capital. Sign up to our newsletter for regular offers and updates!

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  • Sun 2 Apr
  • £3-£17
Belfast, County Antrim, UK


The annual Titanic 10k hosted by Athletics Northern Ireland will be held in 2023 within the scenic Belfast Harbour Estate area.

  • Fun run
  • 10K run
  • Sun 30 Apr
  • £32-£125
Belfast, County Antrim, UK

Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon Events

Now in its 41st year, this weekend of events keeps going from strength to strength and features the marathon, wheelchair race, team relay and 8-mile walk so there's an event for every fitness level!

  • Marathon 2
  • Challenge walk
  • Sun 3 Sep
  • £5-£22
Belfast, County Antrim, UK


Runners get ready! The Laganside 10k takes place in 2023.

  • Fun run
  • 10K run
  • Sun 17 Sep
  • £33-£35
Belfast, County Antrim, UK

Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon

The Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon is the largest Half Marathon event in Northern Ireland and has seen a massive growth, selling out for 4 years in a row.

  • Half marathon

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