Multi-day adventure races

Multi-day adventure races

Tackle huge distances and difficult terrain over a minimum of two days.

Multi-day adventure races near you

From a coast-to-coast effort in Scotland to a 600K charge across Patagonia, these extreme adventure races will be tough but also yield incredible, unforgettable experiences. Gather a team of likeminded adventurers and get ready for what will be your toughest challenge yet!

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  • Sat 6 - Sun 7 Sep 2025
  • £400
Westward Ho!, Devon, UK

Adventure Triathlon Devon

To reach the start line you will need to jump from a plane at 15,000 feet! From there a 66 mile bike route, camping at the lake, 2 mile kayak and 24 mile hike up Clovelly.

  • 15000 ft
  • 66 miles road running
  • 2 miles kayaking
  • 24 miles hiking

Multi-day adventure races near you

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