5 5K runs in East Sussex

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  • Sun 8 Oct
  • £79
Uckfield, East Sussex, UK

London South East Spartan Trifecta Weekend | Sprint 5K

Spartan races do more than test you physically and mentally.

  • 5 km multi terrain running
  • Sun 19 Nov
  • £13-£20
Crowborough, East Sussex, UK

Crowborough Races | 5K

Crowborough Runners has organised an annual Crowborough 10K for over 30 years. The 5k, which is a more recent addition, has also proved highly popular.

  • 5 km road running
  • Sat 9 Dec
  • £19
Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Brighton Santa Dash | 5K

The Brighton Santa Dash is the most fun you can have in Brighton and it’s back for 2023.

  • 5 km road running
  • Sun 21 Apr 2024
  • £24.50
Uckfield, East Sussex, UK

MacTuff Really Muddy London & South | 5K

New for MacTuff is Really Muddy, coming in 2024 to Pippingford.

  • 5 km multi terrain running
  • Sat 27 Jul 2024
  • FREE-£25
Brighton, East Sussex, UK

The Maverick Adidas Terrex Original East Sussex | Short Route

Our ethos at Maverick Race is to ensure we show all our runners the best of the UK through trail running.

  • 5 km trail running