Essential equipment for deep water soloing
You need remarkably little kit to practise deep water soloing. Mike Robertson reminds you of the essentials.

Essential equipment for deep water soloing

This will not be a long and involved article! Of all forms of climbing, DWS presents the least expensive and the most gadget-free kit list.

In short, for a particularly ferocious day at the crag, you'll need a good supply of:

  • Rock boots
  • Chalk bags
  • Clothes
  • Towels
For true devotees, the extras may consist of:
  • A dry bag (to swim into route 'starts' with gear)
  • Occasionally a short access rope
  • And possibly a chalking stick (esp. small cave areas, like Cave Hole and the tightly-packed west cave at Lulworth).
  • And of course, a camera to record those magic moments as your chums pit themselves against the rock so many feet above the water.


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