Introduction to climbing injuries
Physiotherapist to the British Climbing Team, Alison Macfarlane, introduces the guide to climbing injuries.

Introduction to climbing injuries

Climbing requires flexibility, strength, co-ordination and muscle endurance. With the demands of the sport on the musculoskeletal system the risk of injury, both traumatic and overuse, is significant.

The growth of climbing walls and competitions and the ever increasing popularity of bouldering has seen a change in climbers' training techniques and frequency of participation. This in turn has resulted in a change in the nature and type of injuries appearing in clinics with an increase in the number of upper limb injuries, particularly overuse injuries.

An understanding of the risks and causes of some of the more common injuries, plus some direction on how to manage them should help you to reduce the impact they may have on you and your climbing.

This section covers:

  • Injury prevention - including warming-up techniques
  • Rehabilitation
  • Taping - Amanda Robertson, instructor at Glenmore Lodge gives some tips
  • Professional help - who to see when you've got a problem
  • Common injuries - finger, elbow and shoulder


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