Self massage for cyclists

Self massage for cyclists

It may not be practical to visit a massage therapist every day or every week, but there are substantial benefits to practising massage on yourself.

The basic benefits of self massage are similar to massage carried out by a therapist, though the results will not be so pronounced:

  • Promotes recovery from hard training
  • Helps identify and prevent potential injuries
  • If used regularly, will help you enhance your performance with less risk of injury
Tips for self massage
  • Make sure the muscles you are treating are in a relaxed and shortened position.
  • Do not work directly on fresh acute injuries (use R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Elevation & Compression).
  • Long strokes working away from the injury site will help reduce swelling.
  • Apply gentle friction movements into areas that feel more tense, this may cause some mild pain but it should not be excessive, and should not be done for more than a minute at a time.
  • Using a little lubricant (oil, lotion or talc) squeeze the muscle and stroke up the leg or arm (always apply pressure strokes up towards the heart).
  • The buttocks and lower back can be treated by lying face down on the floor and using the back of the fist to press and rotate into the muscles.
  • A shoulder can be treated with the hand from the opposite side, using a firm squeezing and rotating action.
  • It is always good to stretch the muscles after you have treated them.
  • If a painful condition fails to improve or keeps returning you should seek professional help.

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